What is the European Carrom Confederation ?




The European Carrom Confederation is a body of the Carrom Federations in Europe. The main aim of the E.C.C. is to promote the game of Carrom in Europe. The E.C.C. coordinates the activities of the Carrom Federations of the European countries. 

The E.C.C. helps Carrom Federations of European countries to exchange their experiences and help each other in organizing Carrom tournaments and other promotional activities.

Every year an Euro Cup tournament is organised under the ambrella of the European Carrom Confederation. The Euro Cup tournament is allotted to member units turn by turn. The teams and players taking part in Euro Cup come from Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic etc

Background of the ECC

In summer 1991 the Second Congress of the International Carrom Federation authorised Arif Naqvi to establish a continental Carrom Confeederation in Europe.

On 22nd September 2091 the first Consultative Metting was held in East Berlin, which was attended by the President of the GCF, President of  the CSV, President of the Carrom Federation of Netherlands and President of the newly constituted UKCF. The meeting endorsed the decision of the ICF and decided to continue efforts for the formation of a continental confederation. On 18th August 1996

the European Carrom Confederation (ECC) was established in Uter Ehrendingen, Switzerland and following office bearers were unanimously elected:

President: Arif Naqvi (Germany)

Secretary: Krishan Sharma (UK)

Assistant Secretary: Elisa Martinelli (Italy)

Treasurer: Ueli Plüss (Switzerland)


ECC Present  Board of Management

(Elected on 21.06.2013)


President: Nazrul Islam (U.K.)

Vice Presidents:   Paulina Nowakowska (Poland)

Secretary General: Josef Meyer (Switzerland)

Treasurer:  Horst Simunski (Czech Republic)


Winners of Euro Cup Carrom Tournaments

(Under the aegis of the European Carrom Confederation)





Tournament:    Year:            Winners                      Nationality     City                Country


1st. EC            1997                Stefan Besser            (Germany)     Luton              UK

                                               Andre Kunisch           (Germany)                                                                                    Carlito Bollin            (Switzerland)                          UK


2nd. EC          1998                Frank Kunisch           (Germany)     Berlin             Germany

                                               Peter Boecker           (Germany)

                                               Wieczorek                 (Germany)



3rd. EC           1999                Frank Kunisch           (Germany)     Zurich             Switzerland

                                               Peter Boecker           (Germany)

                                               Karnal Abedin           ( UK          )   


4th. EC           2000                Carlito Bollin             (Switzerland) Mezzocorona Italy

                                               Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)            

                                               Malik Abdul               (U.K.)


5th . EC           2001                Shaheen Miah            (U.K.)             Millau             France

                                               Frank Kunisch           (Germany)    

                                               Mia Allah                   (U.K.)


6th . EC           2002                Peter Boecker           (Germany)     Bonn               Germany

                                               Carlito Bollin             (Switzerland)

                                               Stefan Besser                        (Germany)


7th. EC            2003                Carlito Bollin             (Switzerland) Luton              UK

                                               Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)

                                               Hafizur Rahman        (U.K.)


8th. EC            2004                Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)             Flumsberg            Switzerland

                                               Carlito Bollin             (Switzerland)

                                               M. Sunahar Ali          (U.K.)


9th. EC            2005                Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)             Mezzacorona Italy

                                               Peter Boecker           (Germany)    

                                               Abdul Wahid              (U.K.)


10th.EC           2006                Pierre Dubois (France)         Rom de Dolan  France

                                               Steve Collard             (France)

                                               M. Sunahar Ali          (U.K.)


11th.EC           2007                Pierre Dubois (France           Dortmund       Germany

                                               Nazrul Islam              (U.K.)

                                               Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)


12th.EC           2008                Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)             Sutton             U.K.

                                               M. Sonahar Ali          (U.K.)

                                               Miah Shomsu (U.K.)


13th.EC          2009                Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)             Lenk               Switzerland

                                               Jonathan Leau          (France)

                                               Fabian Pierrera         (France)


14th.EC          2010                Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)             Rome              Italy

                                               Pierre Dubois (France)

                                               Peter Boecker           (Germany)


15th.EC          2011                Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)             Villepente      France

                                               Fabian Pierera           (France)        

                                               Pierre Dubois (France)


16th.EC          2012                Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)             Darmstadt      Germany

                                               Pierre Dubois (France)

                                               Peter Boecker           (Germany)


17th EC       2013                 Karnal Abedin (U.K.)                            Warsaw

                                              Murshad Khan (U.K.)

                                              Fabian Pereira  (France)



Karnal Abedin 8 times winner of trophy,            Flumsberg, Mezzocorona,

Sutton, Lenk, Rome, Villepinte(Paris),Darmstadt, Warsaw

Frank Kunisch 2 times winner of trophy                 Berlin, Zurich

Carlito Bollin   2 times winner of trophy                Mezzocorona, Luton,

Pierre Dubois   2 times winner of trophy                Rom de Dolan, Drtmund

Stefan Besser   1 time  winner of trophy                Luton

Peter Boecker  1 time winner of trophy                 Bonn

Shaheen Miah  1 time winner of trophy                  Millau



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