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17th Carrom Euro Cup


Karnal Abdin of UK is again European Carrom Champion

Berlin, 25th. June 2013

Karnal Abdin of UK defeated his club mate Murshad Khan to lift the Trophy of the 17th Carrom Euro Cup 2013 in Leszno near Warsaw, Poland in Singles event on the last day of the Euro Cup on Sunday, 23rd. June. Although almost every match between the top players  was very tough and hard contested, someitmes decided by only one point, the Singles final was a one sided affair for Karnal Abdin, who easily defeated Murshad Khan in two sets. The third place was secured by Fabian Pereira of France who had out of eleven (11) matches eight (8) wins and one draw. German Champion Peter Boecker equalized the points with Fabian with 8 wins and one draw, but had less 'Bucholz' points and landed on 4th place. The matches were conducted with Swiss League System.

About 120 players from ten (10) European countries participated in the Euro Cup, which was appreciated as a best organised Carrom Euro Cup since 17 years. That too by a host federation which is quite young. The Polish Carrom Association was founded on 19th April 2009.

Only in Singles Event one hundred and ten (110) players took part.

The Doubles Trophy was lifted for the first time by a Swedish pair Mehedi Hassan and Babu Saravan, who defeated in final UK's pair Sunahar Ali and Abdul Malik. The thrid place went to Faian Pereira and Kevin Sieger of France.

The Teams Championship was won by France with Pierre DuboisMouraly Venou, Alfred Rajadurai and young Venou Radjou. The Second place went to UK team with Karnal Abdin, Nazrul Islam, Murshad Khan and Ala MIa. Germany had to rest on third place, inspite of equal points with UK, but having lost earlier in straight match with UK. Other countries which took part in Teams Event included Switzerland, Italy, Poland and Czech Republic.

The 17th Carrom Euro Cup was opened with a formal ceremony on 21st June 2013 at 'Palace in Leszno' near Warsaw with the speeches of Mr. Jakub Nowakowski President Polisdh Carrom Federation,

Mr. Arif Naqvi President of the European Carrom Confederation and International Carrom Federation and  Mayor of  Leszno Mr Andrzey Cieslak.

While Jakub Nowakowsky welcomed the participants and assured for best possible hospitality, Arif Naqvi praised the excellent  arrangements of the Euro Cup and stressed on the social values of the game of Carrom. He specially praised the rising standard of the Carrom in Europe and appreciated that  about  one hundred and twenty (120) players are taking part in this years  Euro Cup and informed about the planned Ceremonies on 25th Anniversary of ICF in October 2013 in Delhi.

Mayor Andrzey Cieslak not only praised the game of Carrom but assured his full cooperation in any international Carrom event if conducted in his county. He was happy that Carrom is becoming popular in Poland.

A big Indian Cultural festival, with the performance and display of Indian musicand dances, Yoga, Henna paintings, cuisine, carrom, cricket, Indian languages, tourism to India, photo exhibition etc. was organised on the last day of Euro Cup at the lbig lawn of the hotel 'Palast in Leszno'. It was attended by several thousand local inhabitants and the Carrom players from all over Europe

It was followed by the Prized Distribution Ceremony of the Euro Cup in the evening, attended by the Mayor of Leszno Andrzey Cieslak and other dignitories. Speaking on the occasion Arif Naqvi praised on behalf of the players the excellent arrangements by the host federation and the friendly and cooperative atmosphere among the players. Handing over the ECC presidentship to UK's Nazrul Islam, he wished him every success. Nazrul Islam thanked Arif Naqvi for his contributions in ECC and assured that he will do his best to fulfil the new responsiblities which are not easy. On behalf of the UK Carrom Federation Nazrul Islam invited the players to 18th Carrom Euro Cup in London next year.

After the speeches of the outgoing ECC President and the new ECC President the Prizes were distributed by the President and Secretary of the Polish Carrom Association Jakub Nowakowski and Paulina Nowakowska.Paulina Nowakowska has been reelected as Vice President of the ECC.  The main organiser of the 17th Euro Cup Paulina Nowakowska received a rousing applause for her excellent work as the Tournament Secretary of the Euro Cup

Earlier on Friday ECC President Arif Naqvi and Secretary Elisa martinelli had declared their retirements from their posts in ECC prefering a new team and Nazrul Islam and Josef Meyer were elected unanimously for the same posts.


(Please see Attachments: 1. Report 2. Picture   Players 3. Oppening Ceremony 4. Players 5. Players,

                                         6.Indian festival 7.Closing function 8. Winners Singles Event).

A. Naqvi


Media Commission I.C.F.

Single Event Leszno, 06-22-2013 Polish Carrom Association

17th Carrom Euro Cup - Single
Ranking after turn 11
# Player Pts Bch Net
1 Abdin Karnal 20 170 142
2 Khan Murshad 18 144 134
3 Pereira Fabian 17 171 106
4 Bocker Peter 17 154 84
5 Dubois Pierre 16 171 110
6 Ali Sunahar 16 157 80
7 Hassan Mehedi 16 154 134
8 Venou Mourlay 16 150 86
9 Miah Shaheen 16 145 117
10 Muller -Linow
Mark 16 142 118
11 Jorg Johanes 15 161 41
12 Islam Nazrul 15 149 76
13 Narkar Chandan 15 147 79
14 Venou Radjou 14 169 50
15 Bollin Carlito 14 152 25
16 Kumar Ish 14 149 54
17 Kruger Tobias 14 148 64
18 Huchet Thierry 14 148 41
19 Canisi Vittorio 14 144 10
20 Cristiani Gianluca 14 142 75
21 Martinelli Paolo 14 141 60
22 Peter Wolfgang 14 134 64
23 Babu Saravanan 14 133 100
24 Kalinga Mervin 14 133 58
25 Sanakal Amar 14 131 57
26 Sinha Nitesh 14 131 36
27 Geister Jan 14 129 75
28 Polchow Dirk 14 127 96
29 Kevin Sieger 13 143 -35
30 Malik Abdul 13 137 81
31 Kanagan
Balendran 13 136 71
32 Hurlimann
Lorenzo 13 133 77
33 Pedicini Francesco 13 125 29
34 Rajadurai Alfred 12 145 3
35 Pogorzelski
Sylwester 12 140 -31
36 Baumgartner
Viktor 12 139 16
37 Stucchi Stefano 12 137 -1
38 Ubhayatunga
Amitha 12 134 54
39 Khan Abdul 12 132 40
40 Zucchiatti Elisa 12 131 27
41 Anthony Clement 12 131 -6
42 Mannan Eshan 12 130 -6
43 Chobe Thomas 12 127 6
44 Hurtig Andreas 12 127 5
45 Rangasamy
Soundararajah 12 126 39
46 Meyer Josef 12 125 40
47 Schneider Uwe 12 123 -28
48 Fehr Frank 12 120 2
49 Kuppusamy
Thangaraj 12 113 34
50 Da Fatti Daniele 12 109 10
51 Sander Bernhard 12 108 -9
52 Pal Ajay 12 106 8
53 Ahmed Misbah 11 141 -7
54 Ayesh Nilan
Vanderlan 11 131 8
55 Humbert Nick 11 125 -56
56 Fabiano Stefano 11 118 -25
Single Event Leszno, 06-22-2013 Polish Carrom Association
Scarry On Linux version 2.0.3 page 2 06-23-2013 05:56 PM
57 Seibert Gunter 11 115 -14
58 Miah Ahad 10 130 -29
59 Miah Ala 10 126 17
60 Smoljak Filip 10 126 -36
61 Tomasi Fabio 10 126 -67
62 Fernandez Carlos 10 123 14
63 Nowakowska
Paulina 10 122 4
64 Ometto Paolo 10 120 -26
65 Sasinski Jakub 10 120 -56
66 Schackert Susanne 10 119 -30
67 Nauandish
Abdullah 10 118 -12
68 Monoharan Daniel 10 117 -13
69 Rzewuski Wojtek 10 116 -68
70 Chmelar Ondrej 10 114 28
71 Pidial Yoann 10 113 12
72 Scherrer Kurt 10 110 -13
73 Bany Robert 10 108 -37
74 Steiner Armin 10 106 27
75 Eder Steffen 10 104 3
76 Shahid Abdus 10 102 -8
77 Ramakrishna
Nagaraj 10 102 -23
78 Donnini Rodolfo 10 99 -8
79 Martinelli Andrea 10 98 23
80 Santhakumar
Kanagan 9 109 -31
81 Schneider Armin 9 105 -32
82 Martinelli Giulio 9 96 -8
83 Ali Anhar 8 124 -71
84 Jupiter Sattirabady 8 116 -75
85 Tesitel Honza 8 111 -86
86 Sasinski Bartosz 8 110 -57
87 Islam Rahat 8 108 -39
88 Gomes Harvery 8 107 -59
89 Balicchi Giorgio 8 107 -103
90 Szczepanik Rafal 8 105 -46
91 Skaria Cyrus 8 102 -15
92 Perkin Julian 8 102 -32
93 Deiva Prabagarane 8 101 -34
94 Hussain Mukith 8 100 -56
95 Kralova Romana 8 92 -24
96 Thomas Barbara 8 88 -50
97 Uddin Azir 8 86 -68
98 Schneider Paul 8 72 -31
99 Schierl Pavel 8 71 -13
100 Faller Hans 6 112 -63
101 Gloosberg Joseph 6 94 -118
102 Chmelar Tomas 6 93 -76
103 Mendez Banderas
Luis Felipe 6 93 -132
104 Von Arnold
Gunnar 6 91 -98
105 Kaminski Lukasz 6 90 -141
106 Khattry Igor 6 73 -87
107 Berthelemy
Thierry 6 69 -48
108 Ammazzalamorte
Lucia Elene 4 86 -154
109 Mazur Skaria
Anna 4 70 -120
110 Klint Olof 0 59 -164

Double Event Leszno, 06-19-2013 Polish Carrom Association

17th Carrom Euro Cup 2013
Ranking after turn 7
# Team Pts Bch Net
1 Malik Abdul and
Ali Sunahar 14 60 95
2 Hassan Mehedi and
Babu Saravanan 12 55 96
3 Pereira Fabian and
Kevin Sieger 10 69 59
4 Narkar Chandan
and Kumar Ish 10 65 93
5 Khan Abdul and
Miah Shaheen 10 65 73
Peter Wolfgang
and Muller -Linow
10 65 71
Balendran and
10 64 28
8 Fehr Frank and
Geister Jan 10 56 58
9 Schneider Uwe and
Schneider Armin 10 46 38
10 Chobe Thomas and
Huchet Thierry 9 51 10
11 Sanakal Amar and
Ali Anhar 8 60 -20
Pedicini Francesco
and Ubhayatunga
8 53 48
13 Ahmed Misbah and
Islam Rahat 8 53 33
14 Steiner Armin and
Faller Hans 8 52 -9
Balicchi Giorgio
and Zucchiatti
8 52 -18
Thangaraj and
Canisi Vittorio
8 51 18
17 Tomasi Fabio and
Da Fatti Daniele 8 50 -13
Kalinga Mervin
and Fernandez
8 49 34
19 Szczepanik Rafal
and Sinha Nitesh 8 40 36
20 Eder Steffen and
Humbert Nick 7 60 -41
21 Miah Ahad and
Shahid Abdus 7 53 -6
Sander Bernhard
and Schackert
7 49 -8
Rzewuski Wojtek
and Ramakrishna
7 38 -21
Abdullah and
Hurtig Andreas
6 57 -14
Anthony Clement
and Monoharan
6 51 -2
Martinelli Giulio
and Martinelli
6 50 -10
Mannan Eshan and
6 48 -20
28 Skaria Cyrus and
Tesitel Honza 6 47 25
29 Deiva Prabagarane
and Pidial Yoann 6 44 -31
30 Hussain Mukith
and Uddin Azir 6 39 10
Double Event Leszno, 06-19-2013 Polish Carrom Association
Scarry On Linux version 2.0.3 page 2 06-25-2013 11:09 PM
31 Ometto Paolo and
Fabiano Stefano 6 38 10
32 Thomas Barbara
and Scherrer Kurt 6 35 -14
33 Seibert Gunter and
Schneider Paul 5 48 -10
34 Sasinski Jakub and
Sasinski Bartosz 4 49 -29
Thierry and Jupiter
4 45 -99
Gomes Harvery
and Gloosberg
4 42 -78
Donnini Rodolfo
Lucia Elene
4 39 -2
Von Arnold
Gunnar and Klint
4 38 -7
Mazur Skaria
Anna and Schierl
4 31 -60
Khattry Igor and
Mendez Banderas
Luis Felipe
3 38 -74
41 Perkin Julian and
Fischer Andreas 3 29 -74




(Photos from 16th Euro Cup in Darmstadt, Germany 2012



Winners of Euro Cup Carrom ournaments

(Under the aegis of the European Carrom Confederation)





Tournament:    Year:            Winners                      Nationality     City                Country

1st. EC            1997      1.  Stefan Besser            (Germany)     Luton              UK

    2. Andre Kunisch           (Germany)  

                                     3.  Carlito Bollin            (Switzerland)                          UK


2nd. EC          1998               1. Frank Kunisch           (Germany)     Berlin             Germany

2. Peter Boecker           (Germany)

 3.  Wieczorek                 (Germany)



3rd. EC           1999                1.Frank Kunisch           (Germany)     Zurich             Switzerland

2.Peter Boecker           (Germany)

   3. Karnal Abedin           ( UK          )   


4th. EC           2000               1. Carlito Bollin             (Switzerland) Mezzocorona Italy

             2. Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)            

 3. Malik Abdul               (U.K.)


                            5th . EC           2001               1. Shaheen Miah            (U.K.)             Millau             Fran                    

                      2. Frank Kunisch           (Germany)    

         3. Mia Allah                   (U.K.)


            6th . EC           2002               1. Peter Boecker           (Germany)     Bonn               Germany

                    2. Carlito Bollin             (Switzerland)

                          3. Stefan Besser                        (Germany)


7th. EC            2003               1. Carlito Bollin             (Switzerland) Luton              UK

    2. Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)

    3. Hafizur Rahman        (U.K.)


8th. EC            2004                1.Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)             Flumsberg            Switzerland

2. Carlito Bollin             (Switzerland)

3. M. Sunahar Ali          (U.K.)


9th. EC            2005               1.  Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)             Mezzacorona Italy

             2. Peter Boecker           (Germany)    

   3. Abdul Wahid              (U.K.)


10th.EC           2006               1. Pierre Dubois (France)         Rom de Dolan  France

             2.  Steve Collard             (France)

           3. M. Sunahar Ali          (U.K.)


11th.EC           2007               1. Pierre Dubois (France           Dortmund       Germany

                        2. Nazrul Islam              ( U.K.)                  

     3. Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)


12th.EC           2008                  1. Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)             Sutton             U.K.

     2. M. Sonahar Ali          (U.K.)

3. Miah Shomsu (U.K.)


   13th.EC          2009                      1. Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)             Lenk               Switzerland

  2. Jonathan Leau          (France)

   3. Fabian Pierrera         (France)


14th.EC          2010              1. Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)             Rome              Ita

2. Pierre Dubois         

            3. Peter Boecker           (Germany)


15th.EC          2011               1. Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)             Villepente      France

          2. Fabian Pierera           (France)       

3. Pierre Dubois (France)



16th.EC          2012               1. Karnal Abedin           (U.K.)             Darmstadt      G

2.  Pierre Dubois (France)

              3. Peter Boecker           (Germany)


Karnal Abedin 7 times winner of trophy,                Flumsberg, Mezzocorona, Sutton, Lenk, Rome, Villepinte(Paris),Darmstadt

Frank Kunisch 2 times winner of trophy                 Berlin, Zurich

Carlito Bollin   2 times winner of trophy                Mezzocorona, Luton,

Pierre Dubois   2 times winner of trophy                Rom de Dolan, Drtmund

Stefan Besser   1 time  winner of trophy                Luton

Peter Boecker  1 time winner of trophy                 Bonn

Shaheen Miah  1 time winner of trophy                  Millau

16th Carrom Euro Cup 2012
Exiting Results

The 16th Carrom Euro Cup for Singles, Doubles and Teams events ended on Sunday 17th June 2012 at Darmstadt, Germany. More that one hundred players from eleven (11) countries of Europe Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherland, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland   participated in the tournament.

The singles trophy was lifted by Karnal Abedin of U.K. who defeated in final Pierre Duobios of France with a margin of 2:0 sets. This was the fourth consecutive win of the title by Karnal Abedin. While last year Karnal had won all matches, this year in early rounds he was defeated by Germany's young player Tobias Krueger and the German champion Peter Boecker. Peter Boecker came finally on 3rd. place and Tobias Krueger on the 4th place.

The Doubles Trophy was also lifted by Karnal Abedin and Nazrul Islam of U.K. Second place went to Ish Kumar and Shuab Ahmed of U.K. and the 3rd place to Peter Boecker and Tobias Krueger of Germany, folowed by Venou Mouraly and Pierre Dubois of France on 4th place.

In Teams Championship U.K.  with  Karnal Abedin, Nazrul Islam, Ish Kumar and Shuab Ahmed defended successfuly the trophy by winning 87 points. Germany with Peter Boecker, Tobias Krueger, Wolfgang Peter and Johannes Joerg came again on 2nd plce with 83 points. While France with Muraly Venou, Alfred Rajadurai, Radjou Venou and Pierre Dubois came on third place with 81 points.
The prize for best woman went to Paulina Nowakowska of Poland while Radjou Venou receid the prize for best young player.

The prize distribution ceremony was conducted with an interesting festive atmosphere at a lawn. Mrs. Elisa Martinelli Secretary General of ECC distributed the certificates and the representatives of the main sponsor Enrico System Ms. Juliane Mach and Ms. Shari Boelke handed over the prizes to the winners.

Closing the 12th Carrom Euro Cup 2012  Arif Naqvi President of the European Carrom Confederation and ICF thanked the German Carrom Federation and Carrom Club Darmstadt for successfully organising the Euro Cup and providing excellent hospitality. He highly praised the excellent performances of many players and also the friendly and cordial atmosphere of the tournament. It is the first time in the history of the ECC that 11 European countries have taken part in the Euro Cup.  He hoped that large number of Carrom players from Europe will be taking part in the world Carrom  Championship due to be held from 31st October 2012 at Colombo, Sri lanka. Naqvi also announced on behalf of the ECC  that the 17th Euro Cup 2013 will be held in Poland. He hoped that the players from more countries will be joining it.

This years Carrom Euro Cup was attended by more than one hundred players from
11 countries: Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.
The Euro Cup was opened on 15th June at the beautiful hall of Justus-Liebig House by ECC & ICF President Arif Naqvi. He stressed on the social values of Carrom. Mayor of Darmstadt Mr. Partsch, who was Chief Guest on the occasion welcomed  the players in his city and praised the game of Carrom. GCF President Jeorg Kijanski and  Gunter Seibert President of the Carrom Club darmstadt asured on behalf of the GCF and CCD good hospitality. Main sponsor of the 16th Euro Cup 2012 Mr. Meier of Enerco System appreciated the game of Carrom and healthy and friendly atmosphere of the Euro Cup and assured maximum possible cooperation.




Indian National Carrom Team visited Europe

16th to 26th September 2011

Top Carrom players of the world happy in Europe

Berlin, 27th September 2011

The Indian Naional Carrom Team concluded it European Tour today, which is being appreciated as a
great event for further promotion of the game of Carrom in Europe. The tour started on 16th September 2011 from Berlin, Germany.

With current World Champion Yogesh pardeshi, current Asian Champion Prakash Gaikwad the Indian team gave excellent performances in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland and won the hearts of many local players.
The team was invited by the European Carrom Confederation to visit several European countries. The visa for third Indian player K. Srinivas was refused by the German Embassy in New Delhi. Although the German Carrom Federation (Deutscher Carrom Verband e.V.) and the Carrom Sports Association Berlin (Carrom Sport Verein Berlin e.V.) had officially invited the Indian National Team. Also the Swiss Carrom Association, Carrom Federation of poland, Carrom Association of Czech Republic and UK Carrom Federation had extended similar official invitations stating that they will be responssible for boarding, lodging and local transport of the Indian team. Mr. S.K. Sharma General Secretary of the All India Carrom Federation, who is also Secretary General of the International Carrom Federation was also resfused visa by the German Embassy in New Delhi, but finally joined the Indian team in Zurich on Swiss visa.
On 26th September, Mr. Sharma sent me the following mail:

"Yesterday, two Indian players played Test Match with Swiss Team.  The format was different. Two Indian players played Test Match against four Swiss players each and each.  All the eight matches were played on the basis of Laws of Carrom except that each game was restricted to 8 boards.
Both Yogesh and Prakash won four matches each i.e. the score was 8-0.
Besides, on 24th September 2011, Indian players gave exposure to Swiss players by playing one game matches against about 12 players.
Hospitality provided by Swiss Carrom Association was excellent and we are happy, satisfied and appreciate their support. They also arranged three hours sight seeing tour to Rhein falls and two hours guided city tour of Zurich. We are still in Zurich and going to Berne to meet the Counsellor of the Embassy.  We are leaving for Delhi at 4 pm on 27.9.11 i.e. tomorrow."
Earlier on 16th September the Indian team had visited Berlin on the invitation of the German Carrom Federation and Carrom Sports Association Berlin and played friendly and official test matches between 17th and 18th September. In the official test matches on 18th September which were conducted in two rounds of best of three each, the German players gave initially good resistance, before the Indians could dominate fully.
In Round one Germany's Peter Boecker beat India's Prakash Gaikwad by 25:20, but lost in the second and third games clearly. Praksh Gaikwad won with 25:02 and in second and  25:01 in the third game of the first round. Peter was beaten clearly in the second round by Yogesh Pardeshi with the score 25:01 and 25:03.
Germany's young Tobias Krueger scored 16 points in the first game of the first round gainst Yogesh Pardeshi, before Yogesh could fully dominate by winning both sets 25:16 and 25:05.
Yogesh scored two White Slams, one against Tobias and the other one against Peter. Earlier on 17th September the Indian players had scored few slams gainst the players of Berlin.

The prizes were given by the ECC president Arif Naqvi and G.C.F. President Joerg Kijanski and Head of the Cultural Centre "Stadtteil Lichtenberg" Mrs. Sommerlatte.

On 19th September the Indian National Team, which was accompanied by the ECC President Arif Naqvi, was received in Warsaw. Many players from different parts of Poland had come to see and play with Indians. Many friendly matches were held with large number of Polsih players, who included many young enthusiastic boys and girls. The Indian players were extremely delighted on the shower of friendship and excellent hospitality. They were also surprised to see the rising standard of the game in Polansd. At the closing evening on 20th September President of Polish Carrom Federation Jakub Nowakowski and Vice President of ECC Paulina Nowakowska appreciated the excellent performances of the Indian players and presented gifts.

From Warsaw the Indian players along with ECC President went to Prague and played friendly games with Czech players. Like Warsaw the audience in Prague also belonged mostly to enthusiastic young boys and girls and the venue was full. On the request of the hosts India's Yogesh Pardeshi and Prakash Gaikwad gave a demonstration by playing a full match of 25 points against each other. It was narrowly decided with 25:23 for Yogesh Pardeshi. The match was conducted by Horst Simunski as umpire. There was tremendous enthusiasm among the audience to see their performances.
President of Carrom Federation of Czech Republich Tomas Chmelartom thaked the guests and assured that Carrom will make good prgress in Czech Republic soon.
After Prague the last stage of the European Tour of the Indian team was Switzerland. Where they are enjoing their stay and had interesting matches with large number of Swiss players including many times Swiss Champion Carlito Bollin.

ICF-Media Commission











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